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    Lonesome Traveler - Jack Kerouac


    A collection of short pieces "connected together because they have a common thread: Traveling" ; by author who "read the life of Jack London at 18 and decided to also be an adventurer, a lonesome traveler."

    Don't let the cover fool you!
    The two best pieces are in (1) San Francisco and Northern California - "The Railroad Earth" and (2) Washington state - "Alone on a Mountaintop".

    Here is recording of Kerouac reading first part of "The Railroad Earth" accompanied by Steve Allen (!) on piano.

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    Caretakers of the Cosmos: Living Responsibly in an Unfinished World, a reading of philosophy, literature, and esoterica through the ages presented as a critique of the more nihilistic tendencies of modern life by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gary Lachman.

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