How would you improve the 2022 tournament?

Discussion in 'World Cup 2018 - Russia' started by Mendel, Jul 16, 2018.

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    I mean the World Cup isn't in any of the locations you're describing and many Americans are very angry about what the Saudi's are doing. You can't protest a sporting event that doesn't exist and it's not fair to expect that of people. I still plan on watching Qatar cause let's be honest most people regardless of genuine moral issues are going to end up either watching or caring about the outcome of that tournament.

    Not watching the tournament isn't really going to do anything at this point. Qatar's got the tournament and are building the infrastructure necessary to host it and people are going to die because of it, which is tragic but inevitable. Many if not most people already view Qatar hosting the tournament as a mistake and the process made to give it to them as rigged but there's nothing that can be done about it except complaining as loud as possible and hoping they switch venues which is seeming less and less likely as the tournament gets closer. If the tournament makes FIFA less money it's not like it was ever going back to Qatar anyway, and the blood building contracts are going to be paid regardless so I don't see the positive impact the tournament doing poorly has. FIFA will look to put this shady chapter behind them regardless even if the tournament doesn't do half bad. This tournament from the bidding process has been the darkest chapter of FIFA's history and there's already a sense of just wanting to get this over with and on to the 48 team cycle.

    Still complaining can pressure Qatar to change their behavior enough where less people die or are harmed than otherwise would have been but other than that don't see what we can really do. You can even make the argument Qatar getting this tournament has raised a ton of awareness about the issue migrant workers face in Qatar and in that region and they are probably better off than if Qatar hadn't gotten the tournament and though the tournament did lead to a lot of that work this was systemic stuff. This whole problem is going to get a spotlight on it that wouldn't have been there otherwise. It also put a spotlight on FIFA corruption(can't see the FBI being so interested in FIFA corruption if we get the 2022 tournament) and got a lot of bad people arrested not that this matters as much as the human rights abuses.
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    Personally, I just don't want to be a part of it.
    I will watch it on TV and that's it, I don't want to spend one cent of my money on this tournament.
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    Uniform standards on handballs in the penalty box. The refs were all over the place in this WC with some giving PKs for involuntary handballs while others ignoring them. If it was up to me I would not award PKs at all for involuntary handballs. Anyways, FIFA needs to give refs more guidelines. For instance, a handball on a ball that is going wide should not be a PK.

    2 extra subs in extra time. I think 3 subs for 90 minutes is enough but once you enter extra time you see a noticeable decline in performance. Players tend to lose energy and get cramped up within normal time so to expect them to play at a high level for another 30 minutes is unrealistic. Letting teams sub up to half of their outfield players (most of which would be used on mids and attackers) would make games more lively in ET.

    Figure out how to reduce/disincentivize time-wasting. It drove me nuts seeing teams time-waste when they were up and then rush for every ball when they were behind. Every single team is guilty of time-wasting antics. I don't know how to address this but one idea is to stop the clock in the last 20 minutes of games (e.g. free kicks, corner kicks, subs, injuries). Another suggestion is to improve how stoppage time is calculated. For instance, some of the time-wasting tactics employed by teams can amount to 10+ minutes but you rarely get more than 5 minutes of stoppage time. I'd also like to see refs penalize teams for wasting time on subs. You tend to see players waste 1 minute when being subbed off in a close game; what if refs gave red cards to players that do not run off immediately upon seeing their number displayed? That way, time-wasting teams go 1 man down.

    Finally, punish/disincentivize diving/playacting. Neymar should've been carded for his antics vs Mexico. Maybe have a FIFA disciplinary committee that awards cards retroactively (after matches) to cheats. The only issue is that players might not mind being punished after a game if their dive led to a game-winning PK goal. Perhaps a combination of VAR for diving offenses + FIFA review after games would change the cheating culture in the sport.
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    No one does. Well except for Infantino for all the wrong reasons.
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    you are definitely correct here on all fronts.

    But now that it has been selected, there's reason to be excited , to be sure. Certainly more excited than 2026 IMO and perhaps even 2010 which was the weakest of the lot.
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    Time will tell, but if there's 1 thing i know from visiting this part of the world for extended periods, is that they can build big, they can build fast, and that they build a lot. I am unconcerned.

    Volunteers already come from all places of the world. There's no reason to think 2022 will be different. Yes the majority are locals, but volunteers would not make my list of WC worries.

    Size is good. I would love for the WC to be hosted in places like Ireland, Ecuador, and Netherlands. Small countries make the world cup ever more exciting. You literally collapse the country in a huge outdoor party.

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    Yup 1 human dying from (western) UK/US-provoked wars and military adventurism is worth less... than 1 human dying from (middle eastern) construction work. Thus, it's cool to have western world cup!

    Indeed some have morals and some don't #shrug
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