How to Rebuild Conmebol

Discussion in 'CONMEBOL' started by flaviense, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. flaviense

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    Mar 4, 2018
    Nat'l Team:
    Hello Guys,

    unfortunately, Conmebol teams have failed yet again at the FIFA world cup.
    this will be the fourth consecutive world cup with an european winner.

    I am saddened, as I much enjoy World Cup/international games involving Conmebol teams.

    What ideas do you have for improving the performance of Conmebol in World Cup play?
    will 2022 again go to UEFA? or will it return to Conmebol...

  2. NaBUru38

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    Mar 8, 2016
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    The struggles in Argentinian football are cultural. The players, the executives, the journalists and the fans can't stand defeat. Even the previous finals appearances were seen as a defeat.
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    Feb 9, 2002
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    I think we play way too many WCQ games!! Even though it's fair and mainly for the TV money, 18 games is way too much!! I think we should make the Copa America as the WCQ's as well!! The 4 teams that make it to the semifinals qualify for the WC and the best 'loser' of the quarterfinals go to the playoffs vs the best 'loser' of the CONCACAF Gold Cup!!

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