Copa Libertadores 2018

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    This year it's been an exception, normally you'd expect a team from Colombia, Paraguay or Ecuador in the semis.
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    True. That said, if we restrict the analysis to finalists, the exclusivity of Brazilian and Argentine teams becomes more glaring. I do not know that we'll ever have a streak like 1988-1991, when Nacional, Atl.-Nacional, Olimpia, and Colo Colo won the Libertadores. Since 1992, only once did the final exclude Brazil and Argentina: 2016, when Atl.-Nacional defeated Independiente del Valle. There were 2 same-country finals (2005, São Paulo vs. Atlético Paranaense and 2006, Internacional vs. São Paulo), and it's possible we'll have a third same-country final this year.

    This is why Once Caldas in 2004, LDU Quito in 2008, Chivas Guadalajara in 2010, Penãrol in 2011, Nacional (of Paraguay) in 2014, Tigres in 2015, and the 2016 final are memorable. Some, but not all, teams from other countries tend to be less well-funded, so if they assemble squads that can go far, it's a very impressive accomplishment. And that's why sometimes it's fun to root for the "underdog;" São Caetano in 2002 and in 2004, Godoy Cruz in 2011).

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