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  1. yabo
  2. Smallchief
  3. Wilsondrake
    Back to life, back to SOCCER!
  4. leocal11
    leocal11 Goodsport
    can you start the PreGame thread for Wed. 9/17 Atlanta game?
    i want to post something in there.
    KAPIJXM Bop N Cool
  6. vlad1973
    vlad1973 mikhei81
    Please send a list of your matches.
    My email is
  7. Lucho305
    After all these years, we finally here!!!
  8. locofutbol
    locofutbol mikhei81
    Hello, I am Spanish and I would like to know if you have a list of matches to exchange, this is my list and tell me if you are interested, I hope your answer, I also have some game of Finland to put on my list, greetings, this is my mail
  9. dadman
    I play wider now than I did before, and also further out on the flanks. :rolleyes:
  10. dadman
    Four-and-a-half years out from surgery, and four years since getting on the field again.
  11. jfcule
    jfcule el-capitano
    You still here?
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    2. el-capitano
      I am- but not at 3.04am on a Sunday morning! :)
      Aug 19, 2018
  12. Ch(Elsey)
    FlyerFan, I owe you one for this captured moment. Thank you, my old friend.
  13. Hugo Sanchez
    Hugo Sanchez Naquisima
    1. Naquisima
      Aug 16, 2018
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    2. Hugo Sanchez
      Hugo Sanchez
      Me quieres.
      Aug 17, 2018
    3. Naquisima
      You know it
      Aug 19, 2018
  14. mschofield
    mschofield The Irish Rover
    Never considered that there wasn't backing for it or that it wasn't common knowledge. He was considering a book on the topic for a couple decades, but never got around to doing anything with it.
  15. mschofield
    mschofield The Irish Rover
    Regarding Nazi's athlete seduction in 1936, I don't have a link. My dad was a European historian/professor and this was one of the stories I grew up with. I've heard it from him maybe 50 times (he repeats himself a lot) since I moved over here.
  16. Blueallthru
  17. Bluewings21
    I hate losing to Jeonbuk and FC Seoul
  18. Mal (smash ya out)
  19. jack sticker
    jack sticker
    I rolled over a log and there was a stick. It was like the log had a child.
  20. Mal (smash ya out)
  21. witness
  22. El-ahrairah
    Hanging out by the pool with my close personal friend Alfredo Ortuno
  23. El-ahrairah
    Hanging out by the pool with my perso al
  24. Mal (smash ya out)
  25. Mal (smash ya out)