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  1. Serg33
    Serg33 Don Boppero 3000
    Can't find that Willie Colon jam you posted....
    1. Don Boppero 3000
      Jul 21, 2018 at 1:14 AM
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    2. Serg33
      Been had known them classics..
      Jul 21, 2018 at 1:47 AM
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  2. chwmy
    chwmy MassachusettsRef
    Hi massref- any way to ignore sportbilly? It doesn’t come up as an option I guess because he’s staff. Just tired of his negativity. Thanks!
    1. MassachusettsRef
      I don’t think so, unfortunately.
      Jul 20, 2018 at 9:37 PM
  3. TyphonInc
    TyphonInc jack sticker
    Give those tickets away yet? If not, I have friends that could use them.
  4. IgorTudor
  5. Heist
    Heist JmThms
    You weren't at the last RFK game were you? I talked for a while to a guy who had been a DC fan and then moved to Boston many years ago...
  6. Estevo
    Estevo chiva_guero
    YOu going to LIB this year?
    1. chiva_guero
      Nope, but I might go to Youtopia in San Diego.
      Jul 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM
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    2. Estevo
      That looks interesting.... I'm going to LIB this year. Rofl
      Jul 16, 2018 at 6:22 PM
  7. TxEx
    TxEx TheFalseNine
    Question for the podcast, does the USL have any interest in working out training compensation and/or solidarity payments for themselves regardless of what the MLS is doing? They're starting academy teams. Why can't their kids be good enough to sign and be sold?
    1. TheFalseNine
      Asked! Thanks for the question!
      Jul 16, 2018 at 3:33 PM
  8. hanginglanguage
  9. Timmyzol
    Timmyzol walter.von.hildebrand
    Hi. there are two tickets to the final. first category block C246. one ticket
    3 200 euro
  10. Timmyzol
    Timmyzol Abdirahman85
    Hi. there are two tickets to the final.
    1 category block C246. one ticket
    3 200 euro
    +79165398260 Timur
  11. hanginglanguage
    hanginglanguage Bibooo
    I call you biiiiiiiiiibooooooooooo
    1. Bibooo
      Bad bad Roberto ~~~
      I guess you are watching games now~
      Jul 14, 2018
    2. Bibooo
      Bad bad RoRo
      Jul 17, 2018 at 8:06 AM
  12. Recruit23
    Recruit23 Evg_rnd
    hi, i am looking for final tickets for FV. if you are interested, contat with me please. +7 965 167 02 42
  13. CorkyD
    CorkyD Evg_rnd
    Hi, I am looking for one ticket for the final. I am in Moscow near Kitay-Gorod Metro Station. Would you sell me one?
  14. Evg_rnd
    Evg_rnd Parkous007
    I have 3 tickets (together) for FINAL
    Cat 2
    Что вы можете предложить?
  15. marek
    marek BBBulldog
    Srdan? You still alive? Wanted to offer some good words ahead of the WC final!!
  16. Recruit23
    Recruit23 BMfutbol16
    hello. i need 2 tickets for final game. we can discuss it on whatsapp. +7 965 167 02 42
  17. Testator
    Testator sidspaceman
    Thank you for rooting for Croatia- I at least think you did. It's a shame colombia couldn't be in the final, instead of France.
  18. hanginglanguage
    hanginglanguage Bibooo
    1. Bibooo
      you call me what....................
      Jul 12, 2018
    2. Bibooo
      Jul 13, 2018
  19. GermanJacket
    Too much summer...
  20. Charlie_USA
    Charlie_USA Nathan Methvin
    Need 1 ticket M61. In St.Petersburg
  21. vamoBrasil
    vamoBrasil FootballIsComingHome
    2tix #62 ..... are you still interested in it?
    1. FootballIsComingHome
      Jul 10, 2018
    2. FootballIsComingHome
      Whatsapp +17059299938
      Jul 10, 2018
  22. Nathan Methvin
    Nathan Methvin KyleArmy
    You still need a M62 ticket?
  23. NotHelmut
    NotHelmut kgilbert78
    My wife and I are in Germany in September. First time for me. Unfortunately, when we are in Moenchengladbach, the team has a game in Berlin - 21st of September. We are going on the stadium tour. Do you have a recommendation for a good bar to go to in the afternoon during the game? Or any other suggestions for the day. Thanks for your help.
  24. Sonabert
    Sonabert Norm Coyle
    If you don't get to do a Rock's league , take a look at this. It's where I play now, not draft but your open side is part of a larger team & they have a lot of side competitions as well. All the teams/players are active. I'm a part of the Renegades & have learnt a bit from fellow Renegades for improving my own game. Joined this & not looked back since.
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  25. whupaul
    whupaul Dsuarez94
    Hi, dont suppose you have the 2 x 62 still? cheers, Paul