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  1. Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell Gavin C
    I'll give you $450 for Arg-Ice...
  2. Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell Gavin C
    Hey Gavin,

    I'm also interested.

  3. David Taylor
    David Taylor Fenixnegro
    Fenix, me podrias hacer un favor? es que como mi cuenta es nueva Robot-o me mando a la mierda y no me quiere agregar. Le podrias pedir por mi que agrege mi correo? partidos 44,49,53,56,61,62,64
  4. Murphalot
    Murphalot celtic67
    Hey. Tried your whatsapp, but not sure if it is the right number.

    Interested in two seats on the bus for the QF to Samara. Still got space?
  5. Seoul Man
    Seoul Man
    Thanks for following up. After considering everything we decided to keep my son in the public school. He's been happy there. Won state.
  6. CFit
    CFit El Robot-o

    Thank You!
  7. Dragonhorse
    Dragonhorse El Robot-o
    M23, M25, M39
    SMS +6281381396301
    Coffee from me ☕
    Thank you El Robot-o
  8. SccrDon
    SccrDon MrPerfectNot
    On the plus side, I was in the UK in June to visit my daughter. We went to Liverpool one day and I got to see both Goodison and Anfield from the outside (Goodison was being upgraded). Bought a nice Everton shirt for me and a sleeper for my granddaughter.
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    2. MrPerfectNot
      Nice! We are planning a family trip next fall, tickets for a match and a visit around the area of the new stadium.
      May 19, 2018 at 4:48 PM
  9. SccrDon
    SccrDon MrPerfectNot
    @MrPerfectNot We're both Rapids fans and Everton fans. We must like supporting teams that don't play well.
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    2. MrPerfectNot
      The question is which will someday make a serious commitment to excellence, from the front to back offices, on and off then field. O think Everton is closer to that but still hasn't figured it out.
      May 19, 2018 at 3:00 PM
  10. kad5726
    kad5726 M_alal04
    Hey bro how are you? I hear u look for Saudi tickets. I have all the 3 games in category 1, 2 tickets forbeach game. Face value. Interested?
    JONYMAC El Robot-o
    m25 gracias robot-o
  12. Giancs13
    Giancs13 El Robot-o
    MR. Robot!

    Please, anyway to add M21 for me? Email is
  13. Giancs13
    Giancs13 El Robot-o
    How do I sign up for notifications?
  14. Avaiano9
    Avaiano9 El Robot-o
    M61, M62, M64

    Doesn't hurt trying it again right Mister Robot-o?
  15. Dave Cal
    Dave Cal Fussball_eh
    Hi there,
    Replying regarding the semi final tickets.They are $970 per ticket.
  16. noar1985
    noar1985 El Robot-o
    Anyway to stop the email?
    My friend managed to get the game we wanted.

    Even if I didn’t cart anything thanks a lot for your alerts mister robot your rock!
    1. El Robot-o
      El Robot-o
      All games or one in particular?
      May 18, 2018 at 10:40 AM
    2. noar1985
      all games.

      Thanks a lot Mister Robot,
      May 18, 2018 at 5:54 PM
  17. USFrob22
    USFrob22 El Robot-o
    M07, M11
  18. bigsoccerun
    bigsoccerun El Robot-o
    Any way to get alerts for M07, M11, M21, M23, M64?
    Thank you!
  19. Lachlan Hennessy
    Lachlan Hennessy Gistavo Amaral

    Are you still selling the ticket for Brazil vs Costa Rica?

  20. Lachlan Hennessy
    Lachlan Hennessy Copadobrazil014

    Are you still selling the ticket for Brazil vs Costa Rica?

  21. RedRover
    RedRover Robert Borden
    "As the pen is mightier than the sword so are brains mightier than the muscles"

    And your brains have the strength of tapioca, retard! XD
  22. Big Bopper
    Big Bopper
    Shall we or shan't we rue Rooney?
  23. El Robot-o
  24. Sam1166
    Getting ready for the WC in MOTHER RUSSIA!!!!!!
  25. jeremys_dad
    jeremys_dad Seoul Man
    Hi... Jeremy graduated.. Whats up with your son.. did he go?