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  1. mchrapek
    mchrapek Marta Hamity
    I'm interested in buying Poland-Senegal tix.
    Best regards from Poland!! :)
  2. Marta Hamity
    Marta Hamity uuaww
    I am going to assumed that you don't have your Argentina vs Iceland tickets anymore and this is just wishful thinking but in the remote case you still have them I am looking to buy them or to trade them for Portugal vs Spain. Thanks!
  3. JF1903
    JF1903 sargopt
    Hello, I have 1x Cat 3 ticket available for Brazil v Costa Rica. Looking to swap for 1x Argentina v Nigeria. Is this of interest? Thanks, John
  4. Danny Ascencio
    Danny Ascencio Superdinamo
    Hey I have match category 1 57 for trade, was wondering if I could trade for match 59. My brother has match 59 and want to go with him thanks .
  5. echern77
    echern77 NirZ

    do you have any word on Scorpyn scanner? It worked for me for WC2010 (SF and Final tickets).

    thank you

  6. kopite1892
    kopite1892 rafaelrr
    Hey mate, I will trade you a Cat 1 Portugal Morocco ticket for your Brazil Costa Rica?
  7. Dima39
    Dima39 I Chen
    Hi, in which city do you stay at FM18?
    1. I Chen
      I Chen
      FM 18? What do you mean?
      Mar 14, 2018 at 2:22 PM
  8. Dima39
    Dima39 I Chen
    Привет, в каком городе вы останавливаетесь на ЧМ18?
  9. Luciano Molina
    Luciano Molina sargopt
    Hello there! We sent some messages last world cup im glad you sre a true fan. Do you have the final M64 for sell or trade?
  10. gomelkiev
    gomelkiev Scorpyn78
    Hello, any chance for Russia 2018?
  11. Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry Kaney
  12. Eric de Baar
    Eric de Baar
    Maurits de Baar made his third appearance in the 1st team of RKC Waalwijk against PSV U23. He entered gave the assist for the winning goal
  13. SamsArmySam
    SamsArmySam Dave Marino-Nachison
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    2. Dave Marino-Nachison
      Dave Marino-Nachison
      Ha! Fewer talents then you might think. ;)

      Thanks for reading.
      Mar 7, 2018
  14. kinkong
    From 58 to 2018 seen it all -- & still the sun shines for us.
  15. YoungRef87
    Grade 8 Referee from Maryland.
  16. Rwalter
    Rwalter Pablinsky
    Hi, are your DK-FRA tickets available?
  17. Felipao~
    Felipao~ Douglas Campbell
    Hi Douglas, I have 2 Argentina - Iceland tix, category 2. I have a tentative agreement for a swap with another forum member,, however, if that falls through will contact you.
  18. Magnum22
  19. andyslc
    The wood chipper goes brrrrrr
  20. hahonpul
    I have: 28 June Senegal-Colombia Cat 3 x 2 tickets Looking to swap for: Saint-Petersburg, Sochi matches, Russia matches
  21. Defender
  22. Miguel Myers
    1. Miguel Myers
      Miguel Myers
      The healthy way*
      Mar 2, 2018
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    2. Serg33
      I seriously got to start a exercise & diet plan
      Mar 2, 2018
  23. Cyclops1776
    Cyclops1776 stphnsn
    You live in Indiana?
    1. stphnsn
      Mar 2, 2018
  24. Andres_ARG
    Andres_ARG DeepakRio2014
    Hey, I have Argentinia vs Croatia if you’re interested in a trade for your Argentina vs Nigeria
    1. Andres_ARG
      Or I can buy them. I’m USA based (NOLA)
      Mar 2, 2018
  25. LGRod
    LGRod Don Boppero 3000
    Whats up baja blast?